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Frequent Questions and Answers


Q: Can I place a scooter reservation over the phone?

A: Yes, scooter reservations can be placed over the telephone.
     Call our office: +972-3-9677796 or from the USA 
     our toll free number: 1-800-8516177.


Q: Can I pickup the scooter from your warehouse or will you deliver to

     my hotel or home?
A: Yes you can pickup the scooter at our warehouse but we do deliver to your
     hotel or place of residence with no extra charges.

Q: When do you run the charges on my card?
A: Your credit card is verified and charged when you complete your rental.

Q: What happens if my scooter rental breaks down?
A: You must call Access 4 you immediately, we will then troubleshoot the
     problem over the phone to determine if it's operator's or mechanical error if
     it is mechanical error and the scooter is "NON OPERABLE" we will
     replace the scooter at your hotel or place of residence.

Q: Where do I pickup my scooter from when I arrive at my hotel?
A: One of our staff members will meet you at your hotel and explain how the
     scooter works and folds up.


Q: What if I change hotels during my stay?

A: Take your scooter to your new hotel and give us a call so we'll know where
     to pick it up.


Q: How long will my scooter last before I will have to recharge the
A: The battery life of the scooter depends on different calculations most
     important is the weight of the user and the terrain where you drive (hills
     consume more battery).
     We recommend that you take the battery charger with you just in case you
     need to recharge your batteries.


Q: Can your scooters break down easily to fit into the trunk of a car
     or van?
A: Yes. It takes 10 seconds. For more information please visit our
     Home page where you can view a video clip of the break down and
     reassemble process.


Q: What time do you deliver and pickup the scooter rentals?
A: All scooters are delivered and picked up from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Q: Are Access 4 you scooters easy to drive?
A: Yes, very easy, requiring the use of your right hand to move the scooter
     forward and left hand to move in reverse. All our scooters feature built in
     brake systems, which activate when you release the controller.


Q: How fast do they travel?
A: All our models feature two speed modes, turtle and rabbit (slow and fast). In
     rabbit mode your scooter can reach a max speed of about 4.4 mph (7.0 km/h).
     Always select to ride in turtle mode while traveling with walking companions
     or navigating through crowds to prevent your scooter from speeding past your
     companions or endangering other pedestrians. As the driver you directly
     control your scooter's speed by pulling on the forward lever, similar to how
     hard you press on the gas pedal of a car.


Q: How do I rent my scooter?

A: It's easy! Call us Toll-Free (1-800-8516177) or submit your information
     using our online "will call you back" box on the Home page and we will
     contact you.
     Visit our "How to rent" web page for a breakdown of the 4 easy steps.

Q: I'm a Travel Agent. Can I book your service for my clients?
A: YES! We welcome Travel Agent Inquiries.

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