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The Rental Process - 4 Easy Steps!


 1- Contact Access 4 you


Office: +972-3-9677796

Mobile: +972-54-6711777

Fax: +972-3-9503680


From the USA : 1-800-8516177

2 - Provide us the Details of when and where

We need to know your Name, hotel and registration name or the exact address of your place of residence and the dates you want to rent the scooter.

Access 4 you will take care to deliver the scooter to you at a time convenient for you


Access 4 you accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard.

3 - Use the Scooter

Receive your Scooter at the pre-arranged location then enjoy it! Please, ensure that someone is there to receive it at the pre-arranged time.

Remember to charge the scooter at the end of each day so it is ready for use the following morning. The charging unit can be plugged into any standard outlet (we suggest plugging it in overnight for maximum power).

4 - Return the Scooter
Access 4 you will come to pick up the scooter at your convenient time.

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