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Whisper quiet, smooth ride with light steering. Whisper quiet, smooth ride with light steering.

News & Events

  • The first accessible nature area in Israel

    Access Israel has inaugurated an accessible nature area for people with disabilities. The location was developed with the assistance of Coca-Cola Israel, within the accessible picnic area project framework.
  • The first accessible ship in Israel

    An accessible sailboat designed specifically for people with disabilities is now available, for the first time in Israel. The boat offers full accessibility and allows people with disabilities to enjoy sea sports activities.
  • Accessible Eilat

    In recent years, Eilat has made many sites accessible to the handicapped, enabling this sector of the population to gain entry to nearly every beach.
  • Services for Passengers with Special Needs at the BEN GURION AIRPORT Terminal 3

    Terminal 3 was designed with a view to improving service for all passengers while providing thoughtful solutions for the disabled and enabling them to enjoy the full range of airport services in person and independently.
  • Accessible Beaches in Israel

    A short list of the accessible beaches in Israel
  • Travelers with disabilities

    Israel places enormous importance on providing comfortable conditions for travelers with disabilities. Considerable efforts and resources have been invested to enable the handicapped visit destinations and attractions and to receive service comparable to that received by the general public.